Friday, September 17, 2004

15 de Septiembre


Anonymous said...

So, did you stop everything you were doing at noon to sing your National Anthem? Your photos are amazing, I like specially capitan, perote and carteles. Sorry I can't write proper Spanish (only Portunol). Saludos, Adri.

pepo said...

Hi Adri, (i'm sorry too i can't speak in Portuguese or portuñol, i should learn that beautifull lenguage of Caetano and Madredeus)
I do sang my national anthem and i went to celebrate Independence day in the main mexican plaza called El Zócalo(where i took this picture and the next one with the fireworks)
I think this picture mixes all the feelings of joy and fun that mexican people have when we are there celebrating.
Thanks for your comments, and keep visitng.

pepo said...
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